About us

Gambling for fun is awesome. Gambling with cryptocurrencies even more so.

The thing is that, like any emerging market with good earning potential, the crypto gambling scene is not without its dangers.

Ultimately, it was our love for technology, recreational betting, and fair gaming that brought us together. BitcoinFY started at from a friendly chat at a Prague’s bar, but the idea quickly evolved as our hobbies and interests aligned perfectly.

Gamble for fun? Yes, please.

With the company’s money? Sure!

Create honest, unbiased reviews to help others enjoy safe, reliable online betting? Yes, and yes!

We put our heads together, created this website, devised a detailed evaluation methodology, opened channels for feedback from other users, and began playing with renewed vigor and focus.

Our goal is to become the ultimate source for BTC gambling on the internet, a place where new and experienced players alike can use to learn and explore without being afraid that they might get cheated.

In due time, BitcionFY will shape up the Bitcoin gambling industry. By weeding out bad practices and spreading the word about worthy casinos, we will make the crypto betting scene a better, safer, and much more enjoyable place.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please, reach out to us at: [email protected]

We also have a Contact Form.