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Crypto-Games.net Review

CryptoGames Review bitcoinfy.net

There are many reasons why people play on www.Crypto-Games.net, with more than 3000 daily players visiting the website in order to relax, socialize, test their luck, or a personal agenda for winning against the house edge.

The games are fun, engaging, and exciting enough to fill the thrill and kick of betting with the opportunity to receive money. Casinos like this are provably-fair, and their algorithms can be checked and verified for legitimacy, so there is no room for foul play.

About the Casino

This online casino, www.Crypto-Games.Net is registered through the Curacao Egaming authority, which is regulated and authorized by the Government of Curacao. There are seven of game types available, various crypto deposit options, provably-fair algorithms, loyalty programs, as well as investment opportunities, and in this review article you can read all about it.


Let’s start with the individual games that are available on the website, before we continue to discuss other important as the house edge, how to check the algorithm, and security options.

The website has made sure to provide sufficient information for every aspect of the games, including the explanation of the basic rules and provably fair algorithms easily accessible through tabs in the same window where you play the games.


The most popular gambling game under the crypto sky. This widely popular game is so renowned for a good reason! It is easy to play and understand.

This is not your usual game of probability and chances as dictated by a 6 sided dice. Instead, imagine throwing a 100000 sided dice, as this is the available range, allowing for significant increases in control over the risk involved and the payout structure.

You set a certain value, the house edge of 0.8% is added and anything either above or below that value (depending on whether you roll high or you roll low) is the winning roll. You get to optimize your payouts depending on the winning chance you select

This highly optimizable game is very easy to pick up and by default it is set to the fairest settings where your winning chances and payouts are consistent. You can use the auto-bet feature to play while you do other things, or just to relax and see your luck play out.


The world-renown slot machines digitized! Available as a proprietary and unique design created by the developers of Crypto-Games.Net. This unique development is the epitome of creativity and dedication that the people behind Crypto-Games have, and the length they will go to in order to provide value for their players.

With a house edge of only 1.97% this is among the highest paying out machines in the industry, both land-based and digital, with the standard house edges being 10% and 3% respectively. Crypto-Games.Net is providing the highest return on investment with their slot games.


Another classic game that is incredibly popular across the world. This digitized version of the game is readily available with this casino. With a house edge of 1.253% playing it with a great strategy can lead to a significant return on your risk.

Feel the edge and adrenaline when you need to hit or stand, and reap the rewards for making great decisions, because Blackjack is one of those gambling games where the importance of making sound decisions is incredibly significant.

Take advantage of one of the lowest house edges in the cryptocurrency gambling sphere!


This world-renown game has people hooked for a lifetime. The game itself is so old, it has outlived hundreds of generations of human lives, and stood the test of time. This one is a casino favorite, because it is simple to play, it gets people going and it has one of the highest audiences when compared to other games.

Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, which is the standard worldwide. Actually it is impossible to change this because of the nature of the game. The way that payouts and winning opportunities are designed makes this game impossible to change without breaking the system. The existence of the “Zero” which doesn’t fall in either “Red” or “Black” categories makes it impossible for players to make a bet that overcomes the house edge.

It’s pretty clear why this one is the favorite game of casino owners around the world!

Video Poker

Poker is one of those gambling games where it is possible to consistently win, at least when playing against real players. We are sure you are acquainted with Video Poker, due to the popularity and entertainment value. Crypto-Games offers three types of video poker called:

  • Jacks or Better with a house edge of 2.11%
  • Tens or Better with a house edge of 2.08%
  • Bonus poker with a house edge of 2.09%


Plinko is a game of opportunity and intense expectation. The way it works is by betting on a ball that is dropped in a triangle-shaped box filled with pins. Depending on which ball you place a bet on and where it lands, you will get the corresponding payout.

Originally this game is conceived in Japan, and today there are thousands of Plinko game locations all around the world, featured in TV game shows, and loved by thousands around the world. Every ball has a different house edge, so make a wise choice.

  • Green ball has a house edge of 1.63%
  • Red ball has a house edge of 1.84%
  • Blue ball has a house edge of 1.52%
  • Yellow ball has a house edge of 1.91%


The lottery is a simple game where you buy tickets and participate in a draw where one of your ticket numbers can get picked. The draw takes place twice per week, on Wednesday and Saturday. Each ticket costs 0.0001 BTC (10k satoshi) and you can only use Bitcoin to buy tickets.

Using RandomPicker, an online randomizer, three different tickets will get picked on every draw. Each of the tickets gets a different prize:

  • 1st place: 80% of the prize pool
  • 2nd place: 15% of the prize pool
  • 3rd place: 5% of the prize pool

What is interesting is that the lottery doesn’t have a house edge with Crypto-Games.Net, so 100% of the prizes are distributed to players.


There are many reasons why Crypto-Games is a great choice for your gaming entertainment. The casino has gone to significant lengths to ensure the best possible experience for players, including transparency, community, the opportunity for everyone to play without restriction, support for gambling problems, faucets, loyalty programs.

The only thing lacking is a cocktail bar, but we can all agree that it’s a difficult request for an online casino.


Provable fairness is a concept that is grounded with the invention of crypto, blockchain-based casinos. For the first time in the history of gaming, it became possible for casino owners to communicate the honesty of their games. Today, any player, regardless of the stakes they play at, can check whether or not the casino is playing by their own rules.

There are no longer hidden secrets or foul play, due to this groundbreaking gaming technology. You can find more information about the specific implementation of the technology on the Crypto-Games.net website.

They’ve even made a YouTube video to assist you in assessing the legitimacy of the technology.

Chat and Community

While playing any game on the website, you can chat with other players playing the same game. There are a lot of different commands available in the chat, and for more information use the !help command to get a listing of everything available.

Using the chat and participating in conversations actually increases your loyalty ranking on the platform, which can provide you with more benefits from the faucet system. Every message counts as one point as seen in their “Rewards” section.

The basic rules are commonplace, where spam, flaming or begging of any kind is not tolerated for too long. There are various channels available, but the main expectations are that you would use the language appropriate to the channel, or use the international channel. There are moderators and administrators that ban offenders to ensure the best experience for everyone.

Loyalty Rewards

When you first go to the website, an account is registered for you automatically. You don’t have to do anything, but you can finalize your account if you fill out various details.

Just like everybody else, you start at level 0 and work yourself up through playing, activity and chatting with others. The benefit of this program is that you can request more from the internal faucet and more often.

Referral program

The casino also has a referral program that shares profits from the house edge with you. For every user you sign up you will get 25% of the house edge on their bets. Crypto-Games gives you a real opportunity to join in as a partner, by sharing a quarter of the profits, which result in an average of 20 BTC per week at the time of review.

If you brought all of the players, you would get 5 BTC for your contribution, and we think that’s a very good opportunity for all influential and persuasive people.

Monthly Contests

Crypto Games has a monthly contest that happens regularly. It starts on the first day of every month and on the last day of the month.

The rules are very simple. The wagers of all players are collected through the month and added up to create a leaderboard. Every coin has its own contest, with its own unique leaderboard, so there is a great incentive to start playing with one coin and stick with it for the entire month.

The top five winners are honored forever with a VIP tag, that shows up next to their name in the chat, get exclusive access to the VIP chat, and enjoy a 0 divest fee for short term investments until the end of the following month after your victory.

The usual monthly rewards are:

  • Bitcoin Cash – 5 prizes, up to 13.50 BCH total bonuses
  • Bitcoin – 10 prizes, up to 3.26 BTC total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • DogeCoin – 7 prizes, up to 765,000.00 DOGE total bonuses + 335 lotto tickets
  • Ethereum – 10 prizes, up to 13.30 ETH total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
  • LiteCoin – 7 prizes, up to 37.50 LTC total bonuses + 790 lotto tickets
  • Monero – 5 prizes, up to 17.90 XMR total bonuses


Crypto-Games.net accepts a wide variety of the most popular and stable cryptocurrencies. Below you can find a list of the eight different currencies that are supported. In addition to these, there is a proprietary PlayMoney currency which is used to playtest the games prior to making a deposit, available through the appropriate faucet on the website. The faucets also payout all other currencies, and can be used to kickstart your gaming experience with Crypto-Games.Net.

Accepted Cryptocurrencies

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Dash
  4. Etherium
  5. Stratis
  6. DogeCoin
  7. NEOGas
  8. LiteCoin
  9. PeerCoin
  10. Monero


On the casino’s website, you can easily exchange one crypto for another through the internal exchange system. All of the above-mentioned currencies can be exchanged internally without leaving the casino website, making it extremely convenient when you are preparing to withdraw your winnings.


Making a deposit with Crypto-Games.Net is extremely easy and simple. Just make sure that you have your cookies enabled so that you can generate the addresses. Don’t worry, there is no way to mess up.

Depositing from an exchange is possible, but it is better to send them through your own personal wallet. The team at Crypto-Games.net cautions that because exchanges are performing mass-sends it is usually incredibly slow for the transactions to register on their website, so to ensure quick delivery of your deposits, make sure to send them through your own wallet, with a sufficient transaction fee.

The minimum deposits are as follows:

  • 0001 Bitcoin
  • 01 Ether
  • 01 Litecoin
  • 100 Dogecoin
  • 01 Monero
  • 001 Bitcoin Cash
  • 01 Dash
  • 1 Peercoin
  • 05 Stratis
  • 02 GAS

Lower amounts will not be credited to your account.


Withdrawing is easy and simple. With a minimum withdrawal of 0.002 BTC or altcoin equivalent it is quite an affordable structure to play with. When withdrawing you can choose between a high, medium, and low fee, but we don’t recommend choosing the low fee, because it may take days for your amount to land in your wallet.

For more information check the Crypto-Games.Net website.


There is a unique opportunity to invest in the house bankroll against which players are playing. The site shares 70% of the profit with the investors, while the rest of the profit is reinvested in the referral program and further development and maintenance of the casino.

They have a clear cut explanation of the investment process and details on their website in the appropriate “Invest” section, so if this sounds like a great idea, go ahead and visit their website for more information.

The minimum investment amounts are:

0.01 Bitcoin

0.25 Ether

0.5 Dash

1 Litecoin

1 Monero

0.1 Bitcoin Cash

20,000 Dogecoin

50 Peercoin

25 Stratis

5 NeoGas


As we mentioned before, when visiting the website for the first time, an account is generated for you automatically. You can access this account by bookmarking the personal ID from the Account page under the “Personal Address” tab. Do not share this address with anybody else.

You can secure this account by assigning an email, and activating 2FA on the website.

If you are unfamiliar with the processes for activating these options, the website has generated guidelines on how to do it properly and easily, even if you don’t know anything about these types of security.

In addition to personal wallet security, the majority of the casino bankroll is kept on a cold wallet, safe from the hands of would-be hackers and other mischievous personalities.