How To Use A Bitcoin ATM?

Bitcoin ATM

It seems like everywhere you walk a Bitcoin ATM is popping up on every corner! This new features allows crypto enthusiasts to buy Bitcoin on the spot, and with cash. Although these machines may look complicated at first, there a few simple steps that you need to follow to buy bitcoin.

Each Bitcoin ATM is located in a convenient location in a major city near you! Bitcoin of America offers Bitcoin ATMs in cities such as Baltimore, Chicago, Colombus, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, St Louis, Washington with plans to expand to even more cities.

Bitcoin ATMs are convenient for consumers to buy Bitcoin with cash. Buy up to $7500 a day worth of Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. For larger transactions Bitcoin of America offers a wire transfer options where you simply sent a wire payment and receive your Bitcoin same day!

Source: BitcoinOfAmerica

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