The Reviewing Procedure – How I List, Test and Rank!

I believe gambling for fun is awesome. (Only for FUN.)

Gambling with cryptocurrencies makes it even more interesting.

No wonder there are a ton of BTC casino sites although crypto gambling is a relatively new concept!

Considering the misconceptions associated with it, and the fact that a bunch of sites provides crypto casino games, it is quite the challenge to choose the right bitcoin casino that makes gambling time a more entertaining experience!

I have decided to deal with that challenge here on BitcoinFY!

Disclaimer for this page: As mentioned on the homepage, I follow a particular procedure to rank the best bitcoin and crypto casinos. Here, I explain in greater detail the entire ranking process.

  • I sign up anonymously.
  • I analyze the casino websites (UX, ease of use, terms of service, and restrictions).
  • I play all top games on each of the casino sites with real money (BTC mostly, rarely altcoins).
  • I write down all my observations right from the signing up to the withdrawal process!


Transparency is my objective: No casino trends, commissions or other factors stop me from my philosophy of providing transparency to the gamblers community.

Unbiased Tests and Reviews: Although, as mentioned in the disclaimer, I make affiliate commission from the websites listed on this website, I do not compromise my testing procedure by providing unbiased reviews.


For each review, I go through the following testing steps before including a gambling website in my rank lists.

Ease of Use: Unlike many, as an online gambler, I consider ease of use of the BTC casino website as an important factor as bonuses, reliability, and payment methods.

Along with basic UX principles required for a casino website, I evaluate if the games are categorized by game providers, game types, or geographic locations. I also evaluate if there is an easy transition between pages, proper flow for finding the right games, and if the playing environment is flawless on all devices (responsive and glitch-free).

Beside evaluating these factors for every casino, I compare ease of use amongst all top crypto casinos and award my certification to the best one.

Game Selection: It is one of the easiest tasks for me to show you the number of games each of the crypto casino on my website provides.

For showing categorically which casino has the best game sections for slots, roulette, live casino games, table games or poker, I have to go through most of the games on each of the casino site.

Lastly, I also play quite a few games from each category and by each game software provider to let you know more details about the gaming experience.

Bonuses: Online casinos are full of bonuses. The same applies to bitcoin casinos. Every casino has different numbers to offer as bonuses but the end goal is to make sure you play on their website for extended periods of time. To make that happen, most casinos bound each of their bonuses with wagering requirements.

After gambling for quite a time on different websites, I have become an expert in understanding all such requirements. When I say a casino is providing a good bonus offer or when the bonus offer is dodgy, I know what I am talking about.

Most of the sites offer different types of promotional bonuses. I evaluate most of them practically. For those I don’t test personally (sometimes wagering requirements are unrealistically tough), I study the terms to simplify the offers for you.

Terms of Services: Besides binding you with wagering requirements for bonuses on their terms and conditions pages, casinos feature a lot of other things in terms of services pages which every user must be aware of, especially when it is a bitcoin casino.

You can learn about things like:

Your eligibility: If you can use the respective BTC gambling site from your geographic location.

If your country laws allow you to deposit or withdraw BTC from casinos.

Payments: If the casino has any minimum and maximum withdrawal restrictions limits in general or based on geographical location.

Inconsistencies: The actions casino would take or the losses you might have to face in times of inconsistencies like software failure, change in laws, and other similar conditions

I go through all such points in the casinos’ terms and conditions pages, try to test most of these situations in reality when I actually play to show you how fair a casino is on its terms of service page and in reality.

Deposits and Withdrawals: Although this is an integral part of the terms of service of each casino, a lot can change in reality when submitting a withdrawal request. (Deposits have issues much more rarely.)

As I deposit BTC on all casinos, I can clearly write my opinion on how a particular casino accepts BTC, the time they take to allow you to start playing, the transaction percentages they charge.

When it comes to withdrawals, most BTC gambling sites allow their customers to withdraw in numerous ways.

As I am interested only in BTC, I usually write about how every casino functions when the time to withdraw winnings in BTC comes about. I evaluate things like the time it takes to initiate the payouts, the time necessary for the crypto assets to hit my account, the minimal and maximum amounts I can withdraw per week or month.

Customer Support: None of my testings is done without the involvement of support teams of respective casinos. I ping customer support teams during all phases of testing to evaluate their capabilities, their patience levels, and determination to provide the best services to their customers.

In addition to all these things, I also check if the respective crypto casino complies with responsible gambling principles. Like I said before, I believe in gambling for fun and not as an addiction.