About Us

BitcoinFY started when a group of us – poker players and gambling nuts one and all – got curious about cryptocurrencies. That was back in 2009 and the first wave of Bitcoin fever. The more we learned about blockchain technology, the greater the potential we saw for gambling using cryptos.

Gambling’s unique pleasure and excitement are even better with blockchain and cryptocurrency, which can significantly streamline financial transactions while improving the transparency and verifiability of game fairness.

What started as a casual search for the best Bitcoin casino quickly turned into a project. That’s what this website is all about – providing in-depth, unbiased information about Bitcoin casino platforms to help crypto users enjoy safe and reliable online gambling.

We take this project very seriously. We’ve developed a detailed evaluation methodology, created communication channels to receive feedback from site users, and worked hard to conduct thorough, detailed, unbiased testing of BTC casino websites and the games they offer.

What We Do

We want Bitcoinfy.net to continue being the most comprehensive source of information about BTC gambling on the web. This is a place where new and experienced players can educate themselves about the Bitcoin gambling industry as they explore crypto casinos and choose among them, assured by our in-depth reviews that they won’t run into a scam.

Every review on this site is absolutely honest and objective because we base them on thorough, real-world play, research, and testing.

In addition to publishing the industry’s only in-depth, hands-on reviews of BTC casinos, BitcoinFY offers an ever-growing library of educational material regarding gambling, the crypto industry, and blockchain technology.

Our Goal

Like every new technology that enjoys rapid growth, crypto gaming has a dark side. We do our best to help you avoid being cheated. BitcoinFY will call out bad intentions as we encounter them and we will never recommend “special offers” because a casino has paid us to do so.

Ultimately, BitcoinFY will play an important role in shaping the world of BTC gambling. By pointing out bad practices and spreading the word about quality BTC casinos that operate in an ethical way, we’ll help make the crypto gambling world a better, safer, and more fun place.

Gambling is awesome because it’s fun, and we strongly believe that gambling with crypto’s enhanced privacy and security should make it even more fun.

Gambling Awareness

BTC gambling is great, but gambling is still gambling. We are well aware of gambling’s potential hazards. The number of people suffering from gambling-related issues is not negligible, which is why BitcoinFY fully supports organizations such as GamCare that provide help and guidance to people facing problems.

Our mission is to share authentic gambling experiences while promoting safe gambling and publicizing resources for those with gambling problems. We expect the gambling platforms we cover to operate legally, to protect user data, and to ensure that only adults are allowed access. Sites that fail to meet these baseline criteria will not be promoted here.

Questions? Suggestions? Reach us with the Contact Form and we’ll get back to you right away.