Bitcoin Gambling Sites You Can Trust

Want to find the best crypto betting website?

Bitcoin gambling is less than a decade old, but the number of crypto-compatible gambling sites is exploding. And why not? Cryptocurrencies are a cheaper and more secure way of storing and transferring funds. A Bitcoin casino offers an unparalleled level of transparency you won’t find in any ordinary online casino. And Bitcoin gambling is legal in places you can’t gamble using old-fashioned currency.

Cryptocurrency gambling websites tend to have security advantages over conventional sites, but that’s about all they have in common. That’s why we’ve tested the biggest and most popular online casinos that support crypto payments. We deposited Bitcoin funds, won and lost at online games, interacted with customer support, evaluated terms and conditions, and did all the hard work of figuring out which sites give you the biggest bang for your cryptobuck.

We put the sites through the wringer so you don’t have to.


We create a fresh account and deposit real crypto funds. Reviewers at other sites limit themselves to demo play – or worse yet, play with funds extended to them by the casino operator. We commit real funds to the job so we can report on how the site works for real people.


We claim bonuses. We carefully analyze bonus requirements and other conditions hidden in the fine print so we can assess the true value of the promotions offered by each cryptocurrency gambling website.


We test functionality and usability by playing games, downloading the website’s software client or mobile app if there is one, and placing bets on sporting events.


We conduct exhaustive research to collect relevant facts about each site’s banking arrangements, security measures, fairness technology, licensing and certification, and customer support services.


Then – and only then – we begin writing a review. Our reviews of the best Bitcoin gambling sites aren’t shallow first impressions like the ones you read at other websites. They’re informed, factual, experience-based explanations of what each site has to offer.

The point of this process is to weed out all the ho-hum websites and identify top Bitcoin sites that stand out in the sea of mediocrity. Nothing less than a comprehensive hands-on review can separate the wheat from the digital chaff.

People outside the crypto community suffer from misconceptions about Bitcoin and other digital currencies. People outside the online gambling world don’t understand how strictly gambling and betting sites are regulated by government agencies. Myths and misunderstandings have kept many people from discovering the pleasure of betting at crypto gambling sites. In addition to helping you find a reliable, entertaining site for online gambling with Bitcoins, we hope our reviews help clear the air and dispel some of the harmful rumors about cryptocurrencies and gambling. The sites we list here are safe, secure, well regulated, and entertaining.

What is Crypto Betting?

Crypto gambling is an exciting new phenomenon that brings transparency, security, and lightning-fast fund transfers to the world of online gambling.

A Bitcoin casino is much the same as any other online casino. You deposit funds and play games. If you win, you collect funds. The difference isn’t really noticeable until you get under the hood and learn how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies eliminate many of the security risks, transaction fees, and fund-transfer delays associated with conventional sites. Then you’ll see that Bitcoins and gambling go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Betting with BTC on multiple levels

We can thoroughly divide BTC online gambling sites into two categories. In the first are traditional gambling websites that happen to accept cryptocurrency as a payment option. In the other category are crypto-based gambling websites that are built entirely upon a blockchain network. These sites can offer superior security, game validation, and transparency to site gamblers. They can even let users become investors and collect a share of the site’s profits.

What are the benefits of cryptocurrency gaming?

One significant benefit of crypto gaming is the ease of banking. Online casinos find payment processing expensive and time-consuming, and so do the gamblers who use them. Sites are heavily regulated. In the UK, for instance, players’ funds must be deposited in separate accounts, not intermingled with corporate funds. All these measures can mean a great financial strain on gambling websites. Crypto gambling relieves the strain. Transactions are nearly instantaneous. There are no processing fees for site operators to pay banks. And in many jurisdictions, cryptocurrency is not subject to the same regulations as fiat currencies, so operations can be streamlined. Some crypto-based casinos even issue their own cryptocurrency, which allows customers to invest and become part owners.

Another benefit is privacy. Crypto casinos can allow users to gamble with Bitcoin and win in complete anonymity. You can start gambling at a BTC gaming site with nothing more than a user name and password. You need never worry that anyone will find out.

Finally, online Bitcoin gambling sites operate according to the most comprehensive fairness systems in the gambling world. Blockchain technology allows crypto casinos to perform sophisticated calculations for random numbers and other measures to ensure that games are on level.

10 Best BTC Casino Sites (July 2024)

Key Features
Signup Bonus
Get started
  • Fast Withdrawals
  • Easy To Use
  • Excellent Support
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  • Wide Selection of Games
  • Uniquely Adaptable and Versatile Platform
  • Wide Acceptance of Various Cryptocurrencies
  • Instant Payouts
  • Best Customer Support
  • No Minimum Deposits
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  • 7000+ slot games and popular game providers
  • Generous Welcome Bonus
  • Safe and secure transactions
  • Highest Casino Limits
  • Fast Payouts
  • The Best Support
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  • Virtual Sports Betting
  • Live Casino Games
  • Weekend Reload Bonus
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  • Instant and safe banking
  • FREE lottery tickets
  • 24/7 support
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  • Reload bonus up to 2 BTC
  • 10% exclusive Cashback (contact KingBit support)
  • 24/7 support
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  • Numerous crypto currencies
  • Weekly promotions
  • Demo versions of games
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  • 24/7 Live chat
  • 2 Min Withdrawal
  • Instant play

How Are BTC Casinos Different From Conventional Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos aim to bring gamblers all the benefits of using a cryptocurrency while gambling. This means that Bitcoin gambling sites support anonymity, transparency, provable fairness, and fast banking.


In order to fully grasp the concept of anonymity in Bitcoin gambling games, it’s necessary that you understand the importance of Bitcoin itself and the change it has brought to the financial world, ​U.S. gambling sites​, and gambling sites around the world.

One notable benefit of Bitcoin is a high level of anonymity when making transactions on the decentralized blockchain network. When you want to make a deposit, the website’s software creates a “block,” a package of data that is cryptographically linked to the last block on the chain. The new block then gets approved by all the users on the network, which makes your payment valid. Simply put, users can send funds to each other or to a ​Bitcoin casino​ without any middlemen and without any records except the encoded, anonymous record kept in the blockchain. Bitcoin casinos offer the highest level of anonymity you can get on an online service.


Another advantage of Bitcoin sites is the high level of transparency. Many of the casinos that accept Bitcoin are also based on the blockchain network or have crypto games that are stored on the blockchain. As every blockchain represents a public ledger of information that anyone can access, players can check the history of any game’s results to reassure yourself that the game is completely fair. Traditional casinos have no obligation to showcase game payout histories, as the games employ licensed random number generators. You must accept the fairness of the games as a matter of trust. Top Bitcoin casinos are based on transparency since they rely upon the decentralized nature of the blockchain. You don’t have to trust a licensing agency or a website operator. You can see game results for yourself.


The basic foundation for the fairness of online gambling random number generator, which ensure that every event in a game is perfectly random and unpredictable. Traditional online casinos employ third-party testing agencies that use licensed and confidential software that complies with legal regulations. Is everyone involved in creating the games, operating them, and regulating them acting fairly? They say they are. And as a gambler at the website, you have no choice but to take their word for it.

A Bitcoin casino, on the other hand, hosts its games on a blockchain. The random number generator in every crypto game uses both a server seed and a client seed for its calculations. Whenever the game has to create a new random value, it combines these two numbers in order to get a perfectly arbitrary and unforeseeable number. This value is then acknowledged and stored on the blockchain, creating an immutable data block. Since both your computer and the website’s host computer contribute seeds to the calculations, the process is pretty much impossible to tamper with.

It is a common practice among the best Bitcoin casinos to offer a page with a downloadable jsNode script that contains the casino’s random number generator software. This way each customer can check and make sure the casino is provably fair.

Fast banking

Since fiat currencies are legal tender, a complex web of laws govern and impede transactions. In addition to this legislative burden, both casinos and customers can face transaction fees for tasks that are carried out by a middleman such as a bank or a payment-processor service. Online Bitcoin gambling relies upon cryptocurrencies that aren’t legal tender. Transactions aren’t slowed down by background and security procedures. And transactions cost much, much less because all the transferring work is done by a decentralized computer network run by millions of computers that form the blockchain. Both deposits and withdrawals are almost instant, and any fees you might find in your crypto wallet are minuscule compared to those charged by banks and credit card companies. Recently a handful of entrepreneurs have launched Ethereum-based ETH gambling sites that offer even lower fees and faster transactions. Competition from Ether gambling sites will surely spur Bitcoin casinos to improve their offerings as well. Everyone wins.

Special features

Some crypto casino operators have launched their own cryptocurrencies, which you can buy with Bitcoins and use on the site. Buying the site operator’s currency gives you coins or tokens you can use for gambling plus a stake in the site’s success. If the site’s tokens rise in value, so does your stake. In essence you’re using your Bitcoins both for online gambling and for gambling on the success and popularity of the casino. You’ll also find that lots of crypto casinos offer a chance to mine Bitcoin or their own digital currency by playing their games.

4 Best BTC Betting Sites (July 2024)

Key Features
Signup Bonus
Get started
  • Interactive Betting Board
  • Cashout, Auto Cashout and Partial Cashout
  • Control Your Bets At Any Point
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  • Superb Sports Variety
  • MultiLive Betting
  • Comprehensive Bet Constructor
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  • Amazing bonus offer
  • Rich game selection
  • Around-the-clock customer support
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  • High-Roller Friendly
  • Low Margins
  • Superb Security
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How Are BTC Betting and Dice Sites Different From Ordinary Betting Sites?

Like Bitcoin casinos, crypto betting and dice sites give customers anonymity, faster and more secure banking, a higher level of transparency, and better random number generation systems that provide an unprecedented level of fairness.

Crypto betting and dice sites also have hidden benefits you won’t find on regular betting sites, including a lower house edge, faster payout systems, and faucet systems designed to enable free Bitcoin gambling.

Faster banking and payouts

Since Bitcoin transactions are almost instantaneous, and since they fall under much less legal scrutiny than cash transactions, banking is very fast and very reliable on betting sites. Better yet, many Bitcoin betting sites offer cash-out options that let you collect winnings even before the event you’re betting on is finished. Faster transactions mean faster payouts, which are vital when you have high stakes in an unpredictable match.

Lower house edge

In order for Bitcoin dice sites to be profitable for the owners, each has a built in house edge that gives the website a slight advantage over players. At conventional gambling sites, the house edge often exceeds 5%. At BTC dice sites you’ll find much better odds, with some sites featuring a house edge as low as 0.1%.

Faucet systems

Many crypto novices are not familiar with how to obtain Bitcoins or how to use them for gambling. That is why many Bitcoin dice sites enable BTC gambling with a “faucet” – a special piece of software that gives you a small amount of cryptocurrency every day so you can play for free. Theoretically, you could build your fortune from nothing and accumulate a lot of BTC without making any deposits. Dice sites are aware of the appeal of free money, however, so many of them limit your daily faucet funds. Still, no conventional gambling site would ever allow you to start with nothing and win big.

3 Best BTC Poker Sites (July 2024)

Key Features
Signup Bonus
Get started
  • Huge welcome bonus
  • 1000+ games
  • 10 min cashouts
Read Review
  • 11 BTC+ GTD in Freerolls & Challenges
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Absolutely Anonymous
Read Review
  • Updated Platform
  • Skrill Rewards Program
  • Freerolls All Day, Every Day
Read Review

How Is BTC Poker and Dice Sites Different From Conventional Betting Sites?

The online poker industry was the first part of the gambling world to reap the benefits of Bitcoin. One of the first Bitcoin gambling sites was SwC poker, currently one of the most popular crypto poker sites on the internet. In addition to enhanced fairness, transparency, anonymity, and transaction speed, these websites offer better rakeback systems as well.

Earn cryptocurrency by playing

Online poker sites let customers earn a piece of the house edge through a system known as rakebacks. BTC Poker sites have brought the practice to a new level. Although rakes are a standard procedure at online poker sites, they can be quite high and go up to 10%. Most Bitcoin poker sites, however, offer rake as low as 1%. The reason for this advantage is the rising value of Bitcoins, fast transactions, and lower transaction fees.


Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

New players often worry about the legality of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling. There is no reason for concern: Bitcoin gambling is perfectly legal. In fact, many countries don’t regulate crypto gambling at all. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Bitcoins are decentralized and don’t belong to any individual, organization, or state.
Bitcoin transfers are direct and don’t involve any of the traditional financial institutions.
However, cryptocurrencies and BTC gambling are prohibited in some countries. The current list includes Morocco, Algeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Nepal.

Bitcoin gambling in the USA is not prohibited or regulated on the federal level. BTC gambling is allowed and legal even in states with strong anti-gambling policies such as Hawaii and Utah. Things can change quickly, so be sure to check the laws and tax regulations in your state.

What is the best Bitcoin site?

It’s very hard to pinpoint the absolute best Bitcoin gambling website that is currently on the market and there are loads of reasons. First of all, not every Bitcoin gambling site has the same offers when it comes to games and events you can bet on. Secondly, it all depends on what your personal preferences are.

What is the future of Bitcoin gambling?

Crypto gambling is quickly becoming more popular, but it’s still a long way from replacing traditional online casinos. BTC gambling sites still don’t have a licensing agency that would serve as a guarantee of fairness. (Although Malta has announced the creation of such a governmental body, no one’s sure when exactly will it start working.)

The Bitcoin gambling world is rapidly opening its doors to other cryptocurrencies. More and more casinos are accepting general-purpose cryptocurrencies and specialized tokens created just for gambling. These sites still have a long way to go, and it’s certain that we’ll enjoy Bitcoin gambling for many years to come.