Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how (“us”, “we”, “the website”) collects and uses data. This policy applies to all kinds of personally identifiable information, anonymous data gathering, and data reporting.

Types of Data Collected

Collected information includes, but is not limited to, your user name and email address. Additional personally identifiable information will not be collected without your explicit approval. We collect non-sensitive data (such as IP address) through the use of “cookies” – a standard practice that helps us improve user experience on the website. Other non-identifiable data includes time and date of website visits, user actions on our website, and so on.

Uses of Gathered Data

The collected information will be used ONLY:

Information we collect will be used only for the purposes specified when you were asked to provide the information.

Do We Share Your Information?

We will not distribute, sell, or rent your personal information. However, there are a few situations that may require us to disclose your data:

We’ve taken all necessary measures to guarantee that no one but us has access to your personal data.

External Links

Although our website contains links to other websites, we are not responsible for those sites’ content. The personal information you share on those websites is therefore beyond the scope of our liability.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are very small files stored on your computer or mobile device. They are not capable of carrying or delivering computer viruses or other malware. They’re absolutely safe. You have the option to choose whether or not to accept the cookies, but declining them may influence your user experience on the website. The most popular web browsers may support automatic use of cookies.

Here are specific instructions on how to disable cookies for popular browsers: