The Best Bitcoin Poker Sites - 2022

9 Best BTC Poker Sites (June 2024)

Key Features
Signup Bonus
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  • Comprehensive Tournament Schedule
  • Six Plus Hold’em
  • $15,000 Weekly Cash Race
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  • Also a Sportsbook
  • Fast Payouts
  • Best Support
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  • Huge welcome bonus
  • 1000+ games
  • 10 min cashouts
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  • Big rake
  • Numerous poker variants
  • Great player pool
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  • New Jackpot Sit'n Go's
  • New Six Plus Holdem
  • Huge Bad Beat Jackpot
  • 50% Rakeback
  • 150 BTC Freeroll
  • Sports Betting
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  • 11 BTC+ GTD in Freerolls & Challenges
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Absolutely Anonymous
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  • Updated Platform
  • Skrill Rewards Program
  • Freerolls All Day, Every Day
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  • $4,000 Weekly FPP Race
  • BetSoft Software
  • 36% Rakeback Deals
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Looking for the Best and Most Trusted BTC Rooms?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve spent lots of time playing Bitcoin poker on every major crypto gambling platform and Bitcoin casino. In the process, we’ve thoroughly analyzed the industry and compared all the top sites using our proven list of strict criteria. We’ve used all that information to compile a list of the best BTC poker sites the internet has to offer.

How We Evaluate Best Crypto Card Game Sites in 2022

1 We register, deposit funds, and claim bonuses.

2 We play every BTC poker game on every crypto poker site.

3 We test each site’s performance using a range of popular devices and browsers.

4 We evaluate customer support, banking methods, and overall security.

5 Only after we’ve analyzed all these criteria do we begin writing our reviews.


How We Identify and Rank BTC Card Game Sites and What You Should Look For

We take a formulaic approach to analyzing and comparing the best crypto poker sites. Using clearly defined criteria, we evaluate each site to give you a detailed breakdown of its performance. You can use these unbiased insights to see what each platform has to offer and decide which one best suits your needs. During our evaluation, we take into account these criteria:

User Experience

User experience is crucial to any Bitcoin poker site. We look at measurable factors such as page loading speed, quality of software, the availability of player-to-player chat options, the number of customer support channels, the availability of a BTC poker mobile app, and the size of the player base. We also include subjective impressions such as the overall feel of the platform and its ease of use.

How to Find User-Friendly BTC Gambling Websites

If you’re betting BTC online, you want a site that runs smoothly and securely. You should start by looking for glitches during gameplay. It’s not uncommon for sites to freeze just as you’re playing your winning hand. After all, your victory is the house’s loss.

You should take into account the live chat function on your cryptocurrency poker platform. Steer clear of any live chat that doesn’t allow you to block trolls – unless you enjoy being abused by foul-mouthed strangers. You should also take some time to read the site’s help page – it should be clearly written and informative. Finally, check how long it takes for customer support to respond to your queries.

You could do all of this yourself, or you could let us do it for your. Spoiler alert: We already have.

Bonuses and Special Promotions

Almost every crypto gambling site advertises tempting bonuses in huge type on its homepage. What these sites don’t proclaim so prominently are the restrictions.

When analyzing bonus offers, we don’t look just at the amount of money involved; we also comb through the BTC poker website’s terms and conditions to find the catch. For example, some sites don’t let you withdraw your bonus BTC until you’ve won 50 times the bonus amount, or even more. There truly is no such thing as a free lunch.

What You Should Look Out For

Most cryptocurrency poker sites offer a welcome bonus. If you play your hand wisely, you can make the most of these deals. We like sites that offer a deposit match of 100% upon sign-up, and we’ve even found some Bitcoin casinos that match deposits up to 5 BTC.

You should look for sites that offer rakebacks of about 50% plus VIP benefits for loyal players. Most Bitcoin poker rooms also offer freerolls, which give you the chance to earn satoshis by playing for free.

If the site you’re looking at doesn’t offer any of these incentives, it’s probably time to bounce.

Variety of BTC Card Games

We rate the best Bitcoin poker sites based on the variety of poker games and the range of tables they offer. We also take note of which developers create the software behind each game.

For example, U.S. citizens playing poker with Bitcoins should look for sites that belong to the Winning Poker Network. Brands associated with this community offer top-quality online poker as well as a range of other features, including promotions, excellent customer support, and fast processing of deposits and withdrawals.

How to Get the Most Out of Playing with BTC

If you play only one type of poker, the variety of BTC poker games on a site probably doesn’t matter to you. However, if you want to play a range of games, you should look for a site with more options.

Most poker sites offer the most popular versions of the game, including Bitcoin Texas Hold ‘Em poker, Omaha, 7 card stud, and Americana. In our reviews, we highlight several sites that offer a greater variety of options. We also take into account the availability of low-to-high stakes, restrictions on table sizes, and what kind of tournaments – if any – each site offers.

Staking Options

All our BTC poker site reviews examine deposit and withdrawal requirements to make sure you don’t get shortchanged. The best poker websites that accept crypto have no maximum withdrawal amount, and the higher the deposit bonus, the better.

It’s also important to check what percentage each site takes as its rake. We carefully investigate Bitcoin sites’ rake policies so you don’t have to.

Always Consider What’s at Stake

Before entering a Bitcoin poker room, it’s important to be familiar with its minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts. Many platforms have a minimum deposit of 0.001 BTC, and some of the best sites don’t set a maximum withdrawal amount.

You should also know the rake percentage for each variety of poker (whether it’s a tournament or a fixed-limit, no-limit, or pot-limit game), as well as the value of Bitcoin poker chips on the site. A standard rake for Bitcoin poker sites ranges from 1% to 4%.

Language and Country Support

The variety of international languages a BTC gambling platform supports, as well as the number of countries it’s available in, tell us a lot about the quality and professionalism of the team behind it.

Bearing in mind strict gambling laws in the U.S. in particular, we always take note of any regional restrictions.

Banking, Security, and Card Game Fairness

Perhaps the most important criterion for ranking BTC gambling platforms is, of course, the security of deposits and transactions. We take into account factors such as how each site stores cryptocurrencies, deposit methods, and the time taken to transfer crypto poker funds.

When it comes to fairness, any platform that hasn’t implemented a random number generator in its online poker games should be avoided at all costs.

How to Find a Platform that Deserves Your Trust

Every reputable crypto poker site should have an FAQ page where it discloses whether it stores crypto coins online or offline. Platforms that use cold storage (offline hardware wallets) are much safer. If the website uses unique wallet addresses for each deposit and transaction, your stake is more secure.

If you want to play Bitcoin poker with digital currencies other than Bitcoin, you should opt for a site that supports a range of different cryptocurrencies. And to make sure you have the best chance of winning, steer clear of any sites where bots – fake players –  roam.

You probably don’t have time to do all that research yourself. That’s why we include all this information in our comprehensive reviews.

Debunking Myths About Cryptos and BTC Card Game


The rake is too high at low stakes

Ask any experienced online poker player if he or she has managed to win at the lower limits, and the answer will surely be yes. Most poker websites that accept crypto (as well as those that don’t) define the maximum rake based on the stakes played. This is usually very reasonable and gives players the chance to make money.

Online card games are always rigged

In the bad old days, it wasn’t uncommon for poker websites to cheat their players. In general, these cases didn’t involve rigged dealing, but some players could see their opponents’ cards.

Nowadays, these issues are extremely rare, thanks mainly to the significant growth of the market. Any online casino that attempts to cheat players will quickly lose its customers to one of its competitors.

All online card game sites are unfair

As in any industry, there are some scammers in online gambling. However, all legitimate online poker operators are thoroughly audited by accredited third-party bodies to ensure users don’t get ripped off. For example, FortuneJack has implemented the Provably Fair algorithm, which is approved and regularly assessed by licensing bodies.

You can’t win big online card games

Incorrect. The top Bitcoin casinos – and even some of the smaller ones – allow you to play online poker with anything from extremely small stakes up to very large amounts. In fact, one of the main advantages of online poker compared to traditional poker is its flexibility. Anyone can play web poker with Bitcoin, and that means sites cater to both low and high rollers.

BTC gambling is illegal

There are about 80 countries where cryptocurrency gambling (and online gambling in general) is legal. Europe is the world’s largest online gambling market. Some notable exceptions include Russia, China, and Canada, though the latter has no law banning the use of gambling sites located in other countries.

U.S. laws do not explicitly prohibit online betting and blockchain poker, and in three states – Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware – online gambling is explicitly legal. In short, Bitcoin poker for USA players is far more accessible than you might think.

Before using sites that accept Bitcoin, U.S. citizens should check whether the service is available in their state and confirm that licenses are provided by the appropriate licensing authorities.

BTC transactions are anonymous and untraceable

Unlike bank accounts, which link financial assets and transactions to a person’s identity, cryptocurrency wallets appear anonymous. As long as they have the private keys to an address, anyone can transfer Bitcoin from that wallet to any other address. There is no need to reveal any personal data during these transactions.

However, since the Bitcoin blockchain acts as a public record of each transaction, everyone can see the IP address, wallet, and BTC online transaction amount. If someone links you to your Bitcoin address, they can see all this information. In reality, Bitcoin is not nearly as anonymous as you might think.

Latest Online BTC Site Reviews Review

For about 15 years, BetOnline has been a favorite of many online poker fans. The company has a reputation for bringing innovation to the online gambling industry. It was one of the first betting sites to accept Bitcoin deposits.

Like many poker sites, BetOnline has taken extensive measures to eliminate flaws in the integrity of its games. More than a decade after its arrival on the scene, it remains one of the most popular and best Bitcoin poker sites. Let’s see what this crypto-gambling pioneer has to offer:

User Experience

BetOnline’s home page loads quite quickly, and the poker section is just one click away. The page is stylish, with its elements arranged in a logical and intuitive way.

As soon as you land on a page, you’ll see the current special offers, the size of the bad beat jackpot, and links that allow you to play Bitcoin poker within the browser or through a desktop app. This app is available both for Mac and Windows.

The only thing we don’t like is the relatively slow loading speed of the in-browser gaming page. All in all, we appreciate the overall look and usability of the site.

Bonuses and Special Offers

If you make a deposit with digital currencies, you’ll get a special boost: a 100% match bonus for a first-ever crypto stake up to a value equivalent to $1000. The bonus is valid for deposits using BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, DASH, or Litecoin and is subject to the site’s terms and conditions.

To qualify for the bonus, you must make a deposit equivalent to at least $20. BetOnline’s rollover requirement is quite favorable – 14 times the bonus.

Every qualifying crypto deposit is eligible for a 35% reload bonus. The site also periodically holds online poker Bitcoin freeroll tournaments. All things considered, BetOnline offers attractive incentives for anyone who wants to try their luck using cryptocurrencies.

Variety of Poker Games

BetOnline offers 17 varieties of video poker. This includes the most popular games, such as Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, Americana, 32 Card Draw, and 7 Card Stud. The site also hosts a wide selection of daily poker tournaments with extra incentives for the best at each table. This is one reason the site is so popular.

Ideally, we’d like to see BetOnline upgrade its poker software. At the moment, it runs programs designed by Connective Games.

Staking Options

There are plenty of poker sites that accept Bitcoin, but few support as many cryptocurrencies as BetOnline, which accepts crypto deposits in BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum. Indeed, BetOnline is one of the most popular places to play Ethereum poker.

The site’s minimum deposit is equivalent to $20, with a maximum deposit limit of $25,000. You can even make a deposit in crypto and then play poker with dollars. In this case, depositing fiat currency is actually instant.

Withdrawing your cryptocurrency from BetOnline is straightforward. However, we don’t like the fact that it takes up to 24 hours for the credit to reach your account. We’d expect BetOnline to speed up this process in the near future.

Language and Country Support

BetOnline is available worldwide except for four countries: Australia, France, Malta, and Panama. The platform is particularly popular in the U.S.; when it comes to Bitcoin Poker for U.S. players, it’s the third-most-visited site. Although you can gamble on the site no matter where you live, BetOnline is available only in English.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

BetOnline offers an impressive 12 payment methods for deposits, which should satisfy the needs of any Bitcoin poker player. In addition to five cryptocurrencies, it also supports two popular e-wallets: Skrill and Neteller.

The minimum payout in cryptocurrencies is equivalent to $20. BetOnline has implemented industry-leading security measures to ensure deposit safety and uses an RNG that meets industry standards.

Customer Service

BetOnline offers customer support on all standard channels: live chat, telephone, and email. While the site claims to offer 24/7 customer support, this is not the case in practice. When we tried to contact the company via live chat, we didn’t receive a response within a reasonable timeframe.

Key Benefits

  • Very user-friendly website
  • Players from all U.S. states are welcome
  • Desktop app for both Mac and Windows
  • Incentives for crypto deposits
  • Bitcoin poker for iOS and Android devices

SwC Card Game Review

SwC Poker is an online poker site that only allows transactions using Bitcoin. In fact, it was one of the first platforms to support deposits using the world’s best-known cryptocurrency, back in the days when it was known as Seals with Clubs.

On its website, SwC Poker describes itself as a “team dedicated to making a safe, fair, and affordable BTC poker platform.” Let’s see if the team has managed to achieve that goal.

SwC Bitcoinfy

User Experience

The first thing you’ll notice about SwC Poker’s home page is its retro design. We love this esthetic, which resembles vintage video games from the 1980s.

You can play via SwC Poker’s site, or you can use its Bitcoin poker Android app, which is also available for Mac and Windows devices. While these options provide flexibility for players, they’ve made it more difficult for the development team to eliminate bugs.

Bonuses and Special Offers

In contrast to its main competitors, this BTC poker site unfortunately doesn’t offer a sign-up bonus. However, both new and regular users can benefit from the “Krill” rewards program. As each player collects more krill, they get a higher percentage of the rakeback. SwC Poker recently released a bad beat jackpot.

Variety of Poker Games

SwC Poker’s selection of crypto coin poker games is extensive. The site offers games ranging all the way from micro to high stakes, as well as some rare titles like Courchevel, Badugi, and Badacey. Betting options include no-limit, pot, and fixed-limit games.

The site’s software has improved noticeably since the Seals with Clubs era. One of our other favorite things about SwC Poker is that it features Bitcoin poker freeroll tournaments that run every hour. Any registered user can enter these tournaments.

All that said, SwC Poker’s biggest problem is its relatively small player pool. It can be difficult to find the game you want at the time you want because of the lack of players. If the development team can attract more users to the site, it will improve the experience for all players.

Staking Options

The site allows deposits and withdrawals only in BTC. Users play with SwC Poker chips; one million of these chips is equivalent to 1 BTC. The minimum deposit amount is 1 satoshi, which is the smallest unit of BTC. The minimum withdrawal amount is equal to 500 chips.

Language and Country Support

One of SwC Poker’s key features is the anonymity of its users. This can be both an advantage and a flaw, as a single user can actually create multiple accounts. Since players can remain anonymous, SwC Poker accepts users from all parts of the world, including U.S. residents.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

SwC Poker’s security measures do not meet industry standards. The site says it stores stakes in several different types of crypto wallets and never uses assets to cover its operating expenses. Users can only rely on SwC Poker’s promise that it runs fair games and prevents any attempts at cheating.

On the positive side, deposits and withdrawals are instant. The rake is fairly low (2.5%), which puts it among the top poker sites in this sense.

Customer Service

Players can request support via email or through the live chat function in the app. You can also leave comments in dedicated threads on Bitcointalk and Reddit. It may take up to 24 hours to receive a response from SwC Poker’s customer support team.

Key Benefits

  • Instant payouts
  • Wide selection of standard and hard-to-find poker games
  • Small rake percentage
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface
  • Player anonymity
  • Available on all devices

SportsBetting Review

The name of this operator might be somewhat misleading. isn’t just about betting on sports. This is an online casino with a variety of slots and card games. Right now, we’ll focus on the poker aspect of the platform. The payment methods are equally diverse as the casino accepts both crypto and fiat currencies.

sportsbetting review

User Experience

Players can decide between downloading an app on their computer, be it PC or Mac, or play directly in the browser.

You will need to provide a small amount personal information while creating an account, a zip code and a phone number. After that, you’re just a few clicks away from joining an Omaha, Holdem or Texas6+ game in the app’s lobby.

If you’re into tournaments, SportsBetting’s got you covered – a long list of tournaments with varying prize pools is being organized at any given moment.

The app works fast and is very easy to navigate. We were very pleased with SportsBetting’s minimalistic and simple design that screams functionality over flash.

The platform also supports socializing between users, offering a social-network type buddy system. In a hot minute, you and your buddies can create a private table for remote poker nights over the internet.

Bonus Offers

Once you sign up with SportsBetting, a bonus of up to $1,000 awaits you. You activate the bonus by entering the 100CRYPTO code. This is a 100% match bonus on your first deposit. The minimum deposit is $20 or the equivalent in any other currency of your choice.

SportsBetting offers another two welcome bonuses of 100% up to $1,000. The required code for these two bonuses is SBCASINO. That’s followed by a 35% reload bonus for each crypto deposit by using the code 35CRYPTO.

Variety of poker games

The most popular poker variety on is No Limit HoldEm. That being said, there’s always plenty of Omaha and Texas 6+ tables you can take a seat on.

There are plenty of tournaments you can, as well as weekly leaderboards that can bring you handsome cash prizes, if you manage to place in the top 100 players.

Staking options

The stakes are expressed in fiat currency, and can go as low as 5 cents for the small blind, to $15 for the small blind and $30 for the big.

A handy filter option lets you sort the lobby list according to minimum and maximum stakes, as well as a lot of other factors – game type, number of players, game format and game speed.

Customer Assistance

The SportsBetting customer support is available via live chat 24/7 every day of the week. If you prefer email, the support team can be reached at [email protected], or you can give them a call. Customer support agents are ready and qualified to help with all your enquiries.

Transaction and Payment Methods

The casino supports a long list of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. Regardless of which one you choose, all of the transactions are reliable and safe. Minimum deposits and withdrawals are set at $20 with no hidden fees. SportsBetting banking options also include credit cards, bank transfers, and several popular e-wallets.

Key Benefits

  • Generous bonuses for crypto deposits
  • Lots of open games means you’ll find a table in no time
  • Support for both browser and client apps
  • Supports crypto and fiat currencies

Intertops Card Game Review

Intertops is part of the Horizon Poker Network. It’s also one of the world’s longest-running web poker platforms, having opened way back in 1996.

Although it caters to users from most parts of the world, Intertops Poker is especially popular with U.S.-based poker players. Today it is a well-established gambling service, which aside from poker also offers sportsbook and casino games.

Intertops Bitcoinfy

User Experience

The Intertops user interface prioritizes functionality over style. It includes several handy features, such as the ability to choose your favorite seat and enable or disable chat with dealers and other players. However, the basic design looks somewhat outdated; it’s not nearly as visually impressive as its competitors.

While Intertops offers software downloads for both Mac and Windows, it doesn’t have a Bitcoin poker app. However, users can play all the site’s games just fine on mobile browsers.

This could be inconvenient for those who prefer to play poker via an app on their mobile devices. On the other hand, other users will appreciate this instant play option.

Bonuses and Special Offers

The Intertops welcome bonus is quite generous. The company gives users 200% for deposits of up to $1,000, which includes payments in Bitcoin. It also offers very good rakeback percentages; players who register through the professional rakeback affiliate link receive a fixed 36% rakeback daily.

We also love the 50% reload bonus for regular players, as well as the ability to redeem gold chips into a non-deposit bonus, and branded merch for tournament winners. Taking all this into account, we’re impressed with the site’s bonuses and special offers.

Variety of Poker Games

The site’s bountiful variations of Bitcoin Texas Holdem, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo cater to a wide range of online poker fans. You can play heads-up (one-on-one) games as well as games on 6-max and 9-max ring tables. These options are great for skilled poker players who are prepared to bet big to win big.

Staking Options

For high rollers, Intertops definitely isn’t the best Bitcoin poker site out there. However, it’s ideal for those who prefer smaller stakes, as the majority of users play at $.50/1 tables. Stakes options range from $.02/.04 up to $50/100 for those looking to take more of a gamble.

Language and Country Support

Intertops is available in most U.S. states and territories, except New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, and Washington. However, players from countries such as the U.K., Australia, and France can’t use the platform. Intertops offers Bitcoin poker in both English and German.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

Aside from credit/debit cards and e-wallets, Intertops accepts deposits in three cryptocurrencies: BTC, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. We’re not impressed with the average two-day withdrawal time for Bitcoin, and we dislike the fee of $20 per transaction even more.

Intertops keeps customers’ funds in a special account that is never used for operational expenses. The site’s RNG has been tested and certified by TST Laboratories; you can rest assured that its games are fair and safe.

Customer Service

Intertops’ customer service agents are competent, but speak only English. You can contact customer support via live chat, email, or on a toll-free phone number. The site has a special email address for dealing with problems regarding deposits and withdrawals.

Key Benefits

  • Great reputation
  • Excellent Bitcoin poker bonuses
  • Good customer support
  • Both instant play and software download available
  • Available across all devices Review

Founded in 2014, Betcoin was one of the first online gambling platforms to accept deposits in cryptocurrency. It features a large selection of poker games, low rake percentages, and, as you’d expect from a website offering online poker with Bitcoin, instant deposits and quick withdrawals.

The company belongs to the Winning Poker Network, which explains why its poker rooms are first-rate.

Betcoin Bitcoinfy

User Experience

Information on payment methods, support channels, and bonus offers is elegantly distributed across the poker home page. The sign-up and login forms are just where they should be, and the registration process is fast and easy; just enter your email address and your desired user name, and you’re good to go.

Users can chat with other players or contact live customer support directly from the poker home page. We really like the rake chart, which lists rake percentages for all available games. If you want to play from your mobile device, you can download the Betcoin app, which is available for iOS and Android, or you can play through your mobile browser.

Bonuses and Special Offers

Betcoin welcomes new players with stimulating Bitcoin poker promotions. There’s a 200% deposit match bonus up to 1 BTC, which is transferred to users’ wallets in increments.

The site occasionally runs limited-time special offers; we’ve seen 50% rakebacks and 25 mBTC freerolls offered in the past. Loyal players also receive status points that contribute to their VIP level. These are reasonable offers, but nothing that stands out from major competitors.

Variety of Poker Games

Betcoin’s wide selection of casino games includes about 20 varieties of table poker. Those that support multi-play are Bonus Poker Deluxe, Deuces & Joker Wild, All American, Joker, Bonus, and Double Bonus. The site’s poker games are powered by renowned software developers, including Betsoft Gaming.

Staking Options

When it comes to accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies, Betcoin stands out from the pack. It’s one of the few websites that accept Ethereum, BTC, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Cardano, IOTA, and Monero. This diversity allows players to adapt to current trends in the volatile crypto market.

Betcoin converts all deposits into chips; 1 BTC is worth 1000 chips. The site’s minimum deposit of 0.00001 BTC will appeal to those who prefer playing with small stakes, and the minimum withdrawal of 0.5 mBTC is reasonable. Even more impressive is the fact that there are no wagering requirements for withdrawals.

Language and Country Support

Most of Betcoin’s players come from the United States. Since the site accepts only cryptocurrencies and requires only an email address for registration, this is one of the most accessible BTC gambling websites all across the world.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

Both deposits and withdrawals on Betcoin are almost instant; the average waiting time is about 15 minutes. According to the site’s development team, all assets are stored in cold wallets. For additional security, all accounts have the option of two-factor authentication.

That said, Betcoin’s major downfall is its lack of certified accountability when it comes to gameplay. We would like to see the Provably Fair system implemented in Betcoin’s poker rooms.

Customer Service

When we tested Betcoin’s live chat, a customer service agent responded in a matter of seconds. They were very polite and provided us with all the information we needed.

If you want to write a more extensive message, you can create a ticket. When we did this, an agent responded to our inquiry about six hours later.

Key Benefits

  • Almost instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Quality software
  • Highly informative website
  • Ideal for players who want to stay anonymous

Cloudbet Review

Founded in 2013, Cloudbet has since become one of the top poker sites accepting Bitcoin that serve U.S. players and gamblers from around the world. Although it is primarily a sportsbook, its casino offers a large selection of popular poker games. We investigated this Montenegro-based platform to see how it compares to other big names in the industry.


User Experience

Cloudbet users enjoy a smooth playing experience; each page and poker game we checked out loaded very quickly. The same goes for the mobile version of the site. If you prefer playing poker on the go, there’s a Cloudbet app for iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Bonuses and Special Offers

This Bitcoin casino’s free BTC offer for new users is impressive: Cloudbet proudly offers a welcome bonus of 5 BTC. Of course there’s a catch.

Cloudbet doesn’t credit this amount to your account after you make your initial deposit, but instead sends it to you in installments. In order to receive portions of your bonus, you need to collect loyalty points. This is Cloudbet’s way of keeping customers on the platform.

Variety of Poker Games

The site offers a diverse collection of more than 30 video poker titles, standard poker tables, and live table games. To see any of these games, you must have sufficient funds in your account. Cloudbet’s selection of live table poker games includes Casino Hold’em, Extreme Texas Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, and Three Card Poker.

There’s good news for those who want to test the site before risking funds: You can play Cloudbet’s poker games in demo mode. This allows you to use the platform much as you use traditional free poker sites.

Staking Options

Cloudbet is the perfect place to play poker with Bitcoin for lower stakes. However, the larger your stake, the more loyalty points you get. And, as we mentioned earlier, the more loyalty points you have, the bigger your bonus.

Language and Country Support

Of all the sites we’ve reviewed, Cloudbet scores highest in terms of number of languages supported. The site is available in Indonesian, Russian, Korean, Turkish, French, and Mandarin Chinese in addition to English. It functions in all but a few restricted territories: the U.K., Singapore, and Hong Kong.

This abundance of languages and the site’s availability in most parts of the world help explain its popularity. In fact, Cloudbet has almost as many players as Ignition poker Bitcoin tournaments. Ignition Casino is the gambling site with the highest traffic in the U.S.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

Your funds are safe on Cloudbet, because each Bitcoin deposit is kept in cold storage. Remember, the best Bitcoin wallet for online poker is an offline wallet.

All Cloudbet’s casino games have an official certificate of validity for their implemented RNG. These certificates are issued by Curaçao eGaming. Withdrawals are unlimited and instant, and since BTC and Bitcoin Cash are the only deposit methods, you need only an email address and date of birth to register.

Customer Service

Cloudbet’s blog and FAQ page are both highly informative, and in many cases will answer your questions without the need to contact customer service. The site also offers customer service via email and live chat. When we tested the live chat function, an agent responded after a few minutes.

Key Benefits

  • No limits for withdrawals
  • Excellent software
  • One of the top BTC poker sites
  • Large welcome bonus
  • Ideal for playing poker with BTC

Nitrogen Review

Nitrogen had hit the market back in 2012, and it was envisioned purely as a Bitcoin betting site. However, a couple of years and many satisfied customers later, the company that owns and operates Nitrogen, Ideal Media Inc form Puerto Rico had decided to enrich the offer with a poker platform. Little did they know that the idea will hit the jackpot producing one of the finest Bitcoin poker sites on the Internet. Today, Nitrogen offers a fast-paced Bitcoin poker experience that gathers lots of players worldwide.

Nitrogen Sports Betting Bitcoinfy

User Experience

Unlike most other Poker websites out there, Nitrogen has decided to do away with the downloadable desktop client. Instead, you can jump right in the action from the front page just by clicking a button with which the website will take you to an HTML5 platform filled with current rooms and tournaments. So instead of burdening your computer with unnecessary third-party-developed data, the website just loads another page with a small prompt window that lets you choose your game and stake. Once you find the one that suits you, you’re presented with a poker room top-down representation. The enables you to follow blinds, last bets, and take notes on your opponents as the match goes along. You can even set automatic responses for any next bet and map commands to your keyboard.

Bonuses and Special Offers

As we already noted, the majority of Nitrogen’s visitors are mostly sports fans that like to lay down an occasional bet. Given that, poker promos are very rare and mostly time limited, and some of them are even connected to sports betting. You can follow their current promos on their Blog page, but be prepared for a very limited assortment.

Variety of poker games

Depending on your patience, you can browse through the entire game section or use the nifty search bar that lets you filter your games by variation and stakes. There are three poker types available: FL Hold ‘Em, PL Omaha, and NL Crazy Hold ‘Em that is just a tad quicker than your regular Texas trademark game.

If you’d like to rummage around and want to see the entire offer in the store you can search for your favorite by entering the All Tables section. The layout their conveys way more useful information like the number of seats occupied, average pot size, hands played per hour, and even the percentage of flops seen, so you can know what kind of opponents await you there. You can also choose a filter that lets you choose between no limit and fixed limit games, depending on your current mood. The minimum blind structure is 0.01/0.02 mBTC, while the maximum is 100/200 mBTC.

Staking Options

The minimum blind structure is 0.01/0.02 mBTC, while the maximum is 100/200 mBTC. You can choose the stake range from the main window when searching for a game. Note that you’ll also have to set the fixed limit/no limit filter.

Language and Country Support

The website currently comes only in the English language. As for the eligible countries, Nitrogen operates in all countries where Bitcoin is legal.

Banking, Security, and Poker Fairness

The website currently supports only Bitcoin. Now although you can technically earn money from freerolls without making any deposits at all, there’s no way to withdraw them, as you’re required to make a deposit before being able to pick up your money. You are also required to make at least one rollover of your deposited amount before you can withdraw. All users have one free withdrawal per week. There’s no minimum depositing amount, and the minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC. Note that you’ll have to confirm all your withdrawals.

Customer Support

If you encounter a problem while playing on Nitrogen, there are only two ways by which you can contact their customer support. You can either fill out a contact form or send them a direct email using the address [email protected]. The website states that their customer support answers in a 24 hour period, but our experience states otherwise. We reached them via email and asked a couple of general questions. The team responded in less than half an hour offering a constructive and helpful reply.

Key Benefits

  • A Wide Range of Stakes
  • Loads of Daily Tournaments
  • Small Rake
  • Low minimum withdrawal
  • A Neat Selection of Freerolls and Satellites Review is one of the world’s oldest and most popular poker websites, and it has achieved these honours thanks in part to the amazing gaming experience it offers. The provider has a huge base of tournaments and excellent selection of poker variants that will satisfy even the most demanding users. That’s why it’s widely dubbed the “world’s best poker site for Bitcoin gambling.” leverages the latest blockchain technology, striving to provide its customers with the fastest possible cashouts and a secure, anonymous gambling environment. review

Gaming Experience

We really like the simplicity of the design of the website. The home page is systematically organised, so even less-skilled players can find the games they’re interested in. Current tournaments and the full variety of games – as well as the latest poker news and the website’s forum – are all clearly visible on the red homepage.

One of the reasons why this provider is so popular among players is that it enables completely anonymous Bitcoin poker. You don’t need to provide your private information or credit card details to gamble here; all you need to do is create an email address and connect it with your Bitcoin wallet.

Bonus Offers

If you’ve just joined the site, don’t expect to be greeted by a bonus offer. Unlike other providers, this site doesn’t offer a traditional welcome package for new players, nor does it have the classic range of weekly promotions. However, there is a Satoshi freeroll tournament where players can participate for free and win up to a million Satoshis (0.01 BTC).

Game Selection and Software hosts a wide selection of traditional variants like Texas hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha hi-lo split, but you can also find rare poker games like pineapple, crazy pineapple, and five-card stud to name a few. It’s not just the rich games library that works in the site’s favour; it also attracts players with the wide variety of tournaments that it hosts. Both one-table (sit ‘n’ go) and multi-table tournaments are available at

The site’s poker games are powered by Sweden-based Cubeia, one of the world’s major game suppliers. Although the site doesn’t have a mobile app, games run perfectly on the browser of any device you choose to use.

Customer Assistance support doesn’t offer particularly fast support, and sometimes you can’t even reach anyone via the live chat service. While researching for our review, we had to satisfy ourselves with the answers to FAQs we found on the website. For beginners, there is plenty of useful information and tips about games, tournaments, and poker rules. If you need further assistance, your best option is to send an email to [email protected].

Transactions and Payment Policies is tailored exclusively to Bitcoin gambling, which means the only currency the site accepts is BTC. You cannot use any fiat currencies, like GBP or USD, to make deposits or withdrawals.

Key Benefits

  • Anonymous poker gameplay
  • Fast payouts
  • Wide selection of games

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Are Bitcoin poker websites completely anonymous?

In some cases yes, and in some no. If you use a site that accepts only cryptocurrency, you should need to provide nothing more than an email address to create an account. However, all Bitcoin casinos that include traditional (fiat) currencies in their payment options require personal identification, even if you only want to deposit Bitcoin.

Do Bitcoin poker sites have deposit and withdrawal fees?

Only a small number of sites charge fees for Bitcoin, Litecoin, or other altcoin deposits and withdrawals. These fees are typically very low. Of course, before you start playing at any Bitcoin poker casino, you should consider the payment options.

How can I obtain Bitcoin?

The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin is to sign up at a crypto exchange site and buy digital assets in exchange for fiat money.

Which are the best Bitcoin poker sites?

Bitcoinfy is the ideal place to find comprehensive, authoritative analysis of the best Bitcoin poker sites. Check out our ranking list and in-depth reviews. We’re sure our research will help you find the crypto gambling platform that best suits your needs.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Since the BTC gambling market is still very young, there are very few specific laws regulating Bitcoin poker sites. Therefore, in most countries, gambling with BTC is neither officially prohibited nor specifically allowed. There are, however, some accredited bodies in regions such as the U.K. and Curacao that issue licenses for online Bitcoin casinos. If you find a crypto gambling site that is licensed by one of these institutions, you’re good to go.

Is Bitcoin gambling legal in the U.S.?

Cryptocurrencies are still not recognized as legal tender in the U.S., which means they are not considered monetary assets. There is also no specific legislation regarding Bitcoin poker. In general, most states are neutral toward crypto gambling on sites that are registered and licensed outside the country’s borders.

Are Bitcoin casino sites a scam?

If a Bitcoin casino site meets the security criteria outlined on this page and has valid fairness certificates, licenses, and positive user ratings, you can rest easy. Bitcoinfy is the perfect place to find authoritative reviews of the most trusted casinos that accept Bitcoin.